What I'm Playing in 2024

At Present

The games that have my attention, for now

  • Destiny 2 - Continuing to thread the needle of disrespecting time while offering something unavailable anywhere else, I am back on the treadmill shooting aliens
  • Dice & Fold - A charming dice-based roguelike
  • Fallout 76 - Another treadmill game, I have a C.A.M.P. (custom base) I am proud of and keep logging in despite the utter mess this game is of bolt-on features and bugs
  • Helldivers II - Almost any other game would have been abandoned due to the crappy balancing and technical issues but the co-op experience is top notch
  • Planet Crafter - A survival clicker? Let's see how this goes
  • Valheim - New Ashlands content and my friend with a Mac can play it
  • Wayfinder - Launched in a bleak state for a live service game and it was dropped by the publisher in the Great Layoffs of 2024. Airship Syndicate refactored it to an offline single-player/co-op game and it's an interesting third-person character-action-looter-shooter-RPG

What I've Completed

The recent games I enjoyed enough to see to the end

  • Baldur's Gate 3 - This would have ended up in the abandoned section had my significant other not dragged me through in co-op. I'm glad BG3 facilitated getting weird and saw that weirdness through to the end
  • Cyberpunk 2077 - The combination of Phantom Liberty being a fantastic thriller expansion and the updates made to the core game systems drove me to complete the whole game again when I just wanted to play Phantom
  • Dragon's Dogma II - What an interesting game. Seems like it was rushed. Thankfully it didn't overstay its welcome. Looking forward to an expansion
  • Enshrouded - A better Zelda game than the last one to come out
  • Granblue Fantasy Relink - Funded by a cell-phone gacha game, this was a great RPG in the vein of God Eater and Monster Hunter, streamlined
  • Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising - The updated fighting game based on the above mentioned gacha game, this is an accessible fighter that made some bad design decisions
  • Last Epoch - A better Diablo game than the last one to come out
  • Slice & Dice - A fun dice battling strategic roguelite
  • V Rising - Came back for the 1.0 release. Maybe the best vampire game ever, a good mix of survival and the action arena combat of Battlerite. Glad Stun Lock got a hit

What I've Abandoned

Sometimes quitters do win

  • Alan Wake 2 - Too long, too combat focused
  • Halo Infinite - I'd rather play Destiny
  • Overwatch 2 - The balance never feels right, 5v5 doesn't work
  • Pacific Drive - Survival, roguelike, and set in the Pacific Northwest. Should have been right up my lane but just didn't deliver
  • Street Fighter 6 - I don't like the overdrive system and couldn't find a character that spoke to me
  • Tekken 8 - I wish I wanted to and could invest the time to get decent, but I wasn't able to
  • UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH II Sys:Celes - I wish I could have gotten into this one too, but fighting games just don't seem like a good fit for my life at present