This site was originally for me to get exposure and talk about different glitches or issues I and others would experience but that the big gaming sites wouldn't cover.

In the time that I've been supporting corruptedsave on and off, the world has gone through drastic changes. We're into Year 4 of COVID, and while some people are optimistic of and welcoming a "return to normal", I am not. I miss being able to take my significant other out to dinner and movie. I'm tired of my job. I don't trust the people who have been too inconsiderate to wear masks, get vaccinated, and realize that they're not entitled to put their convenience over the safety of others.

In relaunching this site, I want to do a better job chronicling my experiences in these tumultuous times. I want to be a better writer. I want to be more sincere and vulnerable.

I am hoping to find something closer to meaning that I can't find in my job or the video games I'm playing.